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London, UK, birth Family Detective Agency.

For those looking to reconnect with lost family.

If you’re looking for biological family, born in the London area, UK in the 1940’s, 40’s, 60’s and 70’s

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Previous Success Stories

Beth’s Story
Adoptee Beth waited until later life and the passing of her adoptee parents before searching for her biological family. The clues in Beth’s adoption papers lead her to locations in and around London, all of which had been torn down. In searching for Beth’s Half sister the London family detectives widened the net to include decades before her birth, filling out her story and leading to the location of her biological family, now living abroad.

Francesca’s story
Francesca came searching on behalf of her father, who was adopted aged 3 in London in the 1950’s. The story she was told was that her fathers birth family had emigrated, after many years of searching her father had given up. Through DNA results and detective work the London Search Agency team was able to locate a niece and after 70 years the family were reunited in 2020.

Stephan’s Story
Stephan came to the London Detective agency after his parents admitted to him much later in life that he was a donor baby. After DNA results Stephan was no more closer to finding his story until the London Search Agency became involved and mapped out his family tree. Only child Stephan is now in touch with his half brother and sisters in the Netherlands which he never knew he had.